Baptism Preparation Session for Parents

After you have completed the At Home Material and met with a parish staff person, you will attend a gathering of parents who like yourselves are preparing to baptize a child.  The date for this gathering will be finalized during your interview with a parish staff person and it will be prior to the date of the Baptism.  When possible Godparents are urged to join the parents but we recognize that this is not always possible.

You the parents are choosing to have your child baptized.  The church recognizes that it is your belief in God, your faith and your desire for your child to be raised in the Catholic faith that motivates you to present your child for Baptism.  During the initial stages of the preparation process you have been asked to reflect on why you have chosen the Catholic faith for your child.

During the gatherings of parents and Godparents, you will have an opportunity to further explore the responsibilities you are assuming in choosing to have a child Baptized in the Catholic Faith.  Each gathering will include input by a staff person and reflections by a couple with young children on how they are trying to live and teach the faith in their home.  Information about the Baptism Ceremony will also be provided and time will be allotted for your questions.

These gatherings are held once a month on a Saturday morning from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in Room 9 in the school building.