Baptism Celebrated During a Parish Mass

    Parents, Godparents and Guests should plan to arrive approximately fifteen minutes before Mass is scheduled to begin.

    The first three rows center left facing the altar will be reserved for those attending the Baptism. Parents and Godparents are seated in the front row with the child to be baptized and any other children in the family.

    Five minutes prior to the beginning of Mass, the parents, Godparents and the child to be baptized meet the celebrant at the rear of the church.

    Celebrant will ask the parents:

  • What name have you given your child?
  • What do you ask of God’s church for your child?

    Celebrant, parents and Godparents will make the sign of the cross on the child’s forehead.  

    The parents and Godparents will process to the front of the church following the lector and take their seats.

    After the homily, the parents and Godparents will be asked to stand and the celebrant will ask them to profess their faith.

    The celebrant will invite the parents, Godparents, family and friends to go to the baptismal Font.

    After the Baptism, everyone will return to their seats and the Mass will continue.

    The parents, child and Godparents will recess with the ministers and wait in the back of the church where they will be greeted by the congregation as they leave the church.