At Home Baptism Preparation

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal 
Baptism Preparation At Home Material

Congratulations on the expectation or arrival of your child!  Fr. Gregory Cappuccino our pastor, the staff, and the parish community offer prayers for you and your family as you welcome your child, a gift of God’s love, into your home.  This is a joyous time and also a challenging time as the awesome responsibilities of loving and caring for this new life unfold.

Here at Saint Frances, we are delighted that it is your desire to have your child baptized and to raise him/her as a Catholic Christian.  Through our Baptism preparation process, we hope to help you reflect on the commitment you are making in your role as Christian parents.  You have chosen to have your child baptized because of your beliefs.  No matter where you are on the faith journey, we welcome you and your child into our community.  The St. Frances parish family is here to support you in any way we can.

Prior to scheduling an appointment with a member of the Baptism Ministry Team, we ask you to reflect on the following questions.  (If two parents are involved in the preparation process, you are encouraged to answer the questions individually and then discuss your responses with each other).

These are important because your home is the place where your child will first come to know about God and the Catholic Faith.  This is a time to begin to explore your present relationship with God and how you will be a Christian parent. There are no right answers.  If you have questions, concerns, or even if you are not sure how to respond, just reflecting on these questions is a beginning.

What are your reasons for choosing to have your child Baptized?   How did you come to the decision to do so? 

How important is faith for you?  How does this get expressed in your everyday life?  

What does it mean for you to be a member of the Catholic Faith Community?  

In requesting Baptism for your child you are agreeing to train her/him in the practice of the Catholic faith and to keep God’s commandments by loving God and your neighbor.  How do you propose to fulfill this commitment?

How do you see your role in helping your child to grow in a relationship with God as a member of the Catholic Church?  What can we as a parish do to help you in this role?

After reflecting on these questions we ask that you call 516 785 2333 ext 217 and leave your name and phone number.  A member of the Baptism Ministry Team will return your call and schedule an appointment to meet with you.  During this meeting, there will be time for you to share your thoughts, questions and concerns.  We look forward to assisting you in any way we can as you prepare for your child’s Baptism.

Prior to choosing Godparents, please download and read the following material.  Choosing Godparents

The parish community at Saint Frances looks forward to welcoming your child into the Catholic Church and supporting you as you raise your child in the faith.