Level 6 – 7 – 8; Youth Group

The Confirmation Preparation Program is a journey taken by each child, and they are accompanied by parents, sponsors as well as their catechists.


Letter about Interview cancellation, please click here:  Letter-INTERVIEW May 5, 2020

During Pandemia,  when we do not have classes we offer online presentations for level 6 & 7. You are invited to faith share, give comments or questions. Please email them to:  chrisgos@saintjanefrances.org


Interview with Deacon Bob: Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost 


Presentation: Divine Mercy


Dear Parents 03/16/20

Please be informed that due to the coronavirus situation considering diocesan suggestions all Faith Formation classes are postponed until further notice.  As people of faith please pray for protection of our country and world from this virus; pray for each other for hope and deepen our trust and faith in God.


“Let’s follow the Woman of the Word of God and the Woman of the Eucharist in her bold and decisive “yes” to the will of God and the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us!”         Bishop John Barres 03/25/2020 (fragment of homily)

 In this difficult and challenging time of the coronavirus our Faith Formation Office would like to assure you about our spiritual support and prayer.

Mass and prayer

We encourage all students and parents to continue to pray and participate in televised Mass. You can watch Masses online and find time schedule on our diocese website www.drvc.org. Our parish also offer online Masses on Sunday and Stations of the Cross on Friday via parish Facebook. Dear Young people, please help those in your family who are less involved in technology and help them to watch our livestreaming spiritual services.

Following the voice of the Church we encourage all parishioners to pray the rosary daily, as Holy Father pope Francis encourage us: “The prayer of the rosary is the prayer of the humble and of the saints who, through its mysteries, contemplate with Mary the life of Jesus, [who is] the merciful face of the Father. How much we all need to be truly consoled, to feel ourselves surrounded by the presence of his love.”

Faith Formation Program

Parents and students please follow syllabus/lesson guide which you receive at the beginning of the instructional year and you use normally for when they are sick or snow days. Please try to see this as an opportunity to grow in faith as a family, rather than additional burden in the time of online school requirements, employment/ income, public health concerns and many other challenges.

Level 1-please complete chapter work from chapter 20-25 in your textbook; and level 6-7 please follow calendar until end of April. (Additional email was send to clarify how to accomplish the journal).

We will try to meet online with students of level 6 & 7 via our Facebook Faith Formation. We will send you text message with date and time, but please follow announcement also on the website and Facebook while text message not always reach everyone.

We will keep the same date for early registration May 31st. You can send your registration form via mail to our parish office.

Please contact us via email or phone and do not hesitate if you have any questions or concerns or simply would like to share or talk.

Office of Faith Formation

Donna Mugno  dmugno@saintjanefranes.org / 516-785-2333 ext. 209

Christopher Gospodarzec  chrisgos@saintjanefrances.org  / 516-785-2333 ext. 204


MONTHLY CALENDAR FOR 2019-20, CLICK HERE: Annual box calendar 2019-20 6& 7


LEVEL 6-Preparation to Confirmation 

Level 6 Overview


LEVEL 7-Preparation to Confirmation

Level 7 Overview


Level 8 – Confirmation 

1. Confirmation Retreat 

2.  Sacrament of Confirmation 


YOUTH MASS at 5.30pm 

Anyone is welcome and invited to join us for Mass and reflection that follows after (we usually stay about 10 minutes after Mass). We will meet in the following Saturdays:

February 8,  March 14,  2020


YOUTH GROUP – all students after Confirmation 

Starting soon – call us if you are interested !


Please contact Christopher Gospodarzec (Chris Gos), Director of Faith Formation for Youth, for more information: (516) 785-2333, x 204 or email:  chrisgos@saintjanefrances.org