Dear Parents and Students 

I. Faith Formation Remote Program – General Structure

We offer remote learning program for level 6 Faith Formations. It consists of:

  1. Remote classes led by the catechists on the ZOOM platform every week :  Wednesday or Thursday  at 6:00pm – 6:40pm
  2. Once a month meeting in Church in person 6:00-7:00pm (there is no zoom meeting on that day)
  3. We invite for Lord’s Day Youth Liturgy once a month – Saturday 5:30pm:  click schedule of Masses here: Youth Mass 2020

II.  Schedule of the meetings click here:  Level 6 updated schedule 2020-21

III.  Journal – click here:  level 6 Journal Revised September 2020


IV. Presentation in Church 

Dear Parents
We would like to remind and invite students for Church Meeting 2-24 & 25-2021 at 6.00-7.00pm. There will be Station of the Cross. If you are healthy please and participate in person. Please have the students wear masks and follow social distancing protocols. (Students have separate seat and pew). However, if someone does not feel well or comfortable this presentation will be available on zoom platform at 6:00pm Meeting ID: 956 1376 9384 and Passcode: Cross or direct link https://zoom.us/j/95613769384?pwd=bmVoYk1YNEsydmtGOS96OXFBS3J2Zz09
Attendance will be taken in church and on zoom – so please put you name and video. Student who attend on zoom need to sign with first and last name.