Letter to Parents

Dear Partners in Faith:
How often have you heard it said, or perhaps have even said yourself, “I wish there were more hours in the day”? We know how busy family life can be and realize that religion class can often seem like “just one more thing” you have to cram into your already busy schedule. It is our hope that you will come to see it as much more than that. For an hour a week (2 hours if you count Sunday Liturgy) when they can gather with other children to concentrate on what it means to be Catholic, and to learn what the church and gospels teach us about being followers of Christ. The catechists and staff will do our best to make their time spent here as interesting and inspiring as we are able to. We will do our best to teach the lessons, to pray with them, to involve them in activities that will build their faith. This cannot be done without you.
What you do and say as Catholic parents is far more important and will teach your child far more than we can in that short hour of class. Your example, your attitude toward their faith instruction speaks volumes. We ask you to review the lessons taught with your child each week and share the activities with them at home. Attend Mass regularly so your child can ex-perience being part of the parish community that worships together. When you are at home talk about the gospel reading and the homily assist your children in learning how to reflect on not only its meaning but how they can live it out in their daily lives. Remember to pray at home as a family…before meals, at bedtime, before important events, remember that our children learn the most valuable lessons imitating the examples set by the adults in their lives, especially their parents.
Bless your children each and every day, making the sing of the cross on their forehead when the rise in the morning or when they go to bed n the evening. You can use this simple ritual prayer with your children:
Parent/Guardian: May the God of all creation be always at your side in all you say and do. Child: May God walk with you.
Parent/Guardian: We ask these things (while making the Sign of the Cross) in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
We look forward to walking this journey of faith with you, and we need and appreciate your prayerful support!