Level 6 Overview

‚ÄúConfirming Disciples‚Ä̬†

The ‚ÄúTraditional‚ÄĚ path to confirmation is¬†offered in our parish. We meet once a week for an hour and 15 minutes.¬†¬† A total of 24 hours must be completed in each level to satisfy the requirements of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.¬† They receive a textbook and Bible and learn about our Ancestors in Faith beginning with Adam and Eve and continuing through the life of Jesus and the Early Church.

It is policy that children not be absent for more than 5 classes.  And when a student is absent it is the responsibility of the parent to see that the work that is missed is made up.

A schedule of the lessons and journal can be found below:

1. Schedule, level 6; click here 2019-20: LEVEL 6 Schedule 2019-2020 TEXTBOOK PROGRAM

2. Journal level 6 Р2019-20;  click here:  Level 6 Journal 2019