Level 4 Overview

Dear Parents and Students 

In the fourth year of religious education, the children continue to learn more about the church and its practices.  They will talk more about the 10 Commandments and how to live them out in their daily lives. 

I. Faith Formation Program – we return to in person teaching (in school building) in 2021-22 school year.  We offer in our program:

  1. Classes led by the catechists:  Monday through Thursday 4:15- 5:30pm 
  2. Sunday Mass. We invite especially for Family Mass at 10:00am 

II.  Schedule of the meetings (calendar of the events), click below : 

Level 4 Mon. Schedule 2021-2022

Level 4 Tues. Schedule 2021-2022

Level 4 Wed. Schedule 2021-2022

Level 4 Thurs. Schedule 2021-2022

III. Abbreviated form of the policy, click here:   ABBREVIATED HANDBOK FOR FAITH FORMATION 2021-22