Why a Parish Library?

History tells us that the very first lending library in America was established in 1731 at Benjamin Franklin’s suggestion.  Franklin wanted people to have access to books they could not afford to buy.  He and other printers from the Leather Apron Club pooled their money and together purchased books that filled their library shelves (“Benjamin Franklin – Librarian”, Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids).

Webster simple define a Library as “a place set apart to contain books for the purpose of reading, study or reference.”  But regarding specifically a Parish Library one would want to add to this definition: it is a place where the Spirit works through the materials available and the programs offered. A Parish Library can be another avenue available for parishioners to grow in their relationship with God, family adn community.  Our Library offers one the opportunity to awaken a renewed sense of evangelization and apologetics, so as adult believers we can better articulate the faith we understand, embrace and believe.