A Homecoming!

Homecoming is a parish ministry for any baptized Catholic desiring to rediscover her/his Catholic roots and belong more deeply to the Church.

Neither a discussion group nor class, it is an experience of faith sharing; a ministry of compassionate listening.  Through prayer and sharing of faith stories, an environment of welcome is created for them in the St. Frances Community.

The logo for Homecoming was created by Sister Marion C. Honors, CSJ, and captures the image of the loving father embracing his returning wayward son.  

The father has spent long hours looking to the horizon for his son’s return, and when he spots him off in the distance, without hesitation, runs out to meet him.  Before the son can express sorrow for having run off, the father embracing him, takes the ring from his finger and puts it on his son, and places a cloak over his shoulders.

You may recognize the story as the parable St. Luke describes in his Gospel — the parable of the Prodigal Son.  The father images our loving God who always take the initiative in our lives, our Father who seeks out and embraces with compassionate love each of his children who desire to know him more intimately and belong more deeply to the Catholic Community and Church.

For further information on the Homecoming Ministry call 785-2333 x206.