Group Facilitators Share Their Experiences

The following are shared experiences from some of the SCC which have existed since 1992.

In our SCC group we have dome to recognize the deep friendships that have developed among us.  We have helped each other to grow goth spiritually and physically.  When someone is absent from our meeting, or ill, we always pray for them.  We also help each other out in different ways: like driving each other to doctor appointments.  All the members of our group belong to at least one parish ministry.  Each of us can attest to the improvement in our spiritual life.  (Catherine Harrington)

For over twenty years our SCC has met in each other’s homes on a monthly basis to share our faith and hospitality.  Through prayer and reading of scripture we have discovered that God’s Word has the answers we need for our relationship with Him, each other, our families and our community.  Our faith life has been deepened, our social concerns and desires for service has expanded, and we have been challenged to learn how to apply God’s Word in our daily lives.  For all of us, our experience in SCC has been informative, inspiring, and life-changing.  Whatever future holds for us,, we now have the foundation and support of our SCC (Joan Schramm)

Renew was the two-and-a-half years foundation program for our SCC which has been an interesting Spiritual journey.  Our group, diverse in age and business skills, has, tentatively at first, and then, more surely, reached out to each other and shared our joys and cares, and especially our spiritual thoughts.  We have become more aware of the need to communicate love, God’s love, to everyone we meet.  Love must always be shared, perhaps by a hug, perhaps, by a small service to someone in need.  We have come to understand that while all is not well with the world, God is still in his heaven and if we keep faith with him, he will in time take us to himself.  (Betty & John Mahon)

Our SCC group has been together for 10 years.  We have become close friends in and out of the group.  The great part of our meeting is the sharing we do after the readings.  It brings us back to the fact that God loves us all no matter what.