A Letter from the Pastor – September 6, 2020


See the wise and wicked ones
Who feed upon life’s sacred fire

These are lines from Gordon Lightfoot’s song, Don Quixote, and they highlight an important truth, both the wise and the wicked feed off the same energy. And it’s good energy, sacred energy, divine energy, irrespective of its use. The greedy and the violent feed off the same energy as do the wise and the saints. There’s one source of energy and, even though it can be irresponsibly, selfishly, and horrifically misused, it remains always God’s energy.

Unfortunately, we don’t often think of things that way. Recently I was listening to a very discouraged man who, looking at the selfishness, greed, and violence in our world, blamed it all on the devil. “It must be the anti-Christ,” he said, “How else do you explain all this, so many people breaking basically every commandment. “

He’s right in his assessment that the selfishness, greed, and violence we see in our world today are anti-Christ (though perhaps not the Anti-Christ spoken of in scripture). However, he’s wrong about where selfishness, greed, and violence are drawing their energy from. Continue reading “A Letter from the Pastor – September 6, 2020”

CYO Suspended

CYO Board Members, Coordinators and Volunteers,

I am writing to inform you of my decision to suspend until further notice, all CYO activities held in our School Building here at St. Frances de Chantal.

I do believe the health and safety of all our families must take precedence during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. I promise to keep you informed of any changes throughout the next few months and as always, I keep you and your families in my prayers and I pray for the day when we can safely resume our CYO sports activities.

God bless you.
Fr. Seth

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