Our Mission Statement


Called by God, we commit ourselves to the following goals:

  • Responding to the call of EVANGELIZATION, we bring the message of Jesus to all by witnessing the Good News.
  • Responding to the call to SERVE, we accept the challenge as witnesses of God’s unconditional love.
  • Responding to the call to CELEBRATE joyfully through prayer and worship, we affirm our giftedness as individuals, as families, and as community.



We believe we are responsible to the parishioners of our faith community to manage our time and talent effectively and to be good stewards of the resources they provide us. We must always demonstrate prudent stewardship and accountability for human capital and financial resources given to the parish by parishioners.  To serve this community in the most effective manner possible, we strive to do the following:

  • Provide a professional environment where associates are satisfied with the quality of work life, have the tools needed to be effective, and have a sense of ownership regarding the overall success of our ministry.
  • Transact business with the most efficient processes compared with other public organizations.
  • Stay abreast of, and invest in, technology that will enable continuous improvements to process efficiency, staff effectiveness, and quality of service.

As the above vision makes clear, St. Frances de Chantal employees are here to serve.  Whenever you wait on a person, answer the phone, or otherwise interact with the public, you ARE the church. People will like or dislike the church depending on how you treat them.  A friendly and willing manner will pay you and the church dividends in friendship, personal satisfaction, and recognition.

The Pastoral Team strongly believes that individual consideration in associate / management relationships provides the best climate for your maximum development, teamwork, and the attainment of our mutual goals.  The best employee is one who enjoys his or her job and has a feeling of pride in the parish.  Since each of us plays a vital role in fulfilling the vision of our parish, St. Frances de Chantal Parish is committed to providing each of us with good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits, fair treatment, and the personal respect we deserve.


St. Frances de Chantal Parish’s Motto

Our mission and vision are summarized in our slogan, “Vive Jesu, Live Jesus” Our motto is meant to focus us on what each associate is here to do, continuously improve St. Frances de Chantal Parish service to people and improve the quality of life for each other as Jesus did. All people are created in God’s image and likeness.  The dignity of each person, realized in community with others, is the criterion with which all ethical, economic, and social aspects are to be measured.