Livestream Mass

Come Join Us

in our Parish Celebration of “The Year of St. Joseph”

Click here to find out about our schedule of events and themes to celebrate the Year of St. Joseph at Saint Frances de Chantal starting at the weekend Masses on Saturday, June 19th and Sunday, June 20th.

Everyone is invited! Come and Celebrate Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church!

Thrift Shop Announcement

Please DO NOT leave items outside the Thrift Shop when it is not open. 

Very often, the items get rained on and ruined before they can be brought inside and end up having to be thrown away.  We have also had an issue with items being left outside the Parish Social Ministry office recently. 

We again ask that you please do not leave anything outside our door without first making arrangements with someone in the PSM office.  We appreciate all your donations, and we want to make sure they get to people who can use them in good condition.  Thank you and God Bless. 

2021 Catholic Ministries Appeal

Living the Gospel – Through our Support of the CMA

During this final week of Lent – the Great Week, may we continue to grow in a spirit of holiness and mission so that we can truly be missionary disciples of our Lord.  Through prayer, almsgiving and service, we show our gratitude of God’s love for us. The Catholic Ministries Appeal gives us an opportunity to be stewards of God’s gifts in many different ways.  CLICK HERE for more information about the CMA.

Vivamos el evangelio – Mediante nuestro donativo a favor de la Campaña de Apoyo a los Ministerios Católicos (CMA)

Durante esta última semana de Cuaresma, en la Semana Santa de este año, continuemos creciendo en el espíritu de misión y santidad para que logremos convertirnos en verdaderos discípulos misioneros de nuestro Señor. A través de la oración, la ofrenda y el servicio, demostremos nuestra gratitud a Dios por el amor que nos da. La Campaña de Apoyo a los Ministerios Católicos nos ofrece diferentes formas de compartir los dones que Dios nos ha regalado. Haga clic aquí para más información.